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Welcome to You Bastard!
Home of the 24 hour mean streak!

With April Fools day in full swing, I figure today is a good day to update and lay down some submission guidelines:


You know you have that little shoulder demon as well as the angel. Even the kindest of us can be a little bit cruel…You Bastard is here to promote your naughty, naughty art.  We want the worst of your best, the evilest, vilest, nastiest you can manage!  This is about celebrating the despicable, but even so, we must have rules, yes?

1. Try to limit pictures of your OCs 'Just standing there'....Stick to 1 image of each of your dastardly lovely OCs looking their bastardly best, to let us know what they're like…After that, try to make sure each submission has them ‘doing something’…You know, think of interactions and scenes instead of them just beaming their evil-doer nature to us poor peons.

2. Images can range in bastardlyness!
It can range from
‘Just a bit of a douche' As in tripping old ladies, stealing ice cream, putting 'kick me' signs on peoples backs...
'Very much not a nice guy'
As in stealing a girlfriend, robbing a bank, and slapping a president…
'Now that's just plain RUDE'
Which includes burning down orphanages, eating babies, and genocide….the sky’s the limit on being mean here!

3. Fan art of well known bastards is very much allowed, but please keep it to the Favorites…Our gallery should be for your own brain children! You know they want to be in the spotlight so let them bask in the glory of their evil!

Remember, try to stick to DA's submission guidelines and be civilized to each other...This is a place for bastard appreciation, not bastardly behavior!

Go to town, bastards!

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